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  • WallMonkeys are intended for indoor use only.
  • Please do not wash or get the surface of your Wallmonkeys decal wet.
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  • Wal-Mart, Sears and Kmart starting Black Friday deals this week

    Black Friday shopping deals begin at the beginning of this year. In some cases the discount will be available one week before the doors opened for the crowd of buyers. Wal-Mart plans to offer deals on some toys and electronics from this Friday. Sears and Kmart also are also advertising the special discounts a week early for its rewards customers. Wal-Mart, Best Buy and target are among the retailers that have deep discounts on televisions.

    "Many retailers will offer special door busters who try and encourage people to get in the store and not only of shopping online-only," said Lindsay Sakraida of DealNews.com. "They really want to encourage you to be in the store and perhaps begin to pick up things that you would not otherwise have bought online. '' But Sakraida said that many other items in stores on Black Friday will not be reduced. "You should be very aware and keep your head about yourself when you shop on Black Friday," said Sakraida.

    The largest bank of America involving a massive colonization is the talk of Wall Street this morning. JPMorgan Chase has reached a record settlement of 13 billion $ with the federal authorities and State, resolving claims on the Bank's poor sales, high risk securities backed by mortgages that collapsed in value during the housing crisis in the United States. The agreement is the latest chapter of the bursting of the housing bubble. Some 4 billion $ in relief of consumer to up to 100,000 borrowers will be part of the colony, but the details still need to be developed.

    A modest retreat for Wall Street after earnings Records. Futures are down this morning, after a slight decline for the averages of stock as they pull back from four days of gains. Electronics retailer Best Buy plunged after saying long hours and lower prices could squeeze its profit in the fourth quarter. Campbell Soup fell sharply after announcing that its profit slumped sales of soups and drinks V8 fell.

    Credit reporting agency TransUnion said that more than US took behind on their payments by credit card in the third quarter, when many consumers traditionally hit stores for supplies to return to school. Despite this, the national rate of delay remains close to its lowest level in six years, to 1.36%, and it was down to the same period last year.

    Income for the third quarter of Lowe climbed 26 percent from last year. The retailer of renovation has been strengthened by the recovery in the housing market. Its earnings were a penny below expectations, but revenue beat forecasts.

    Richard Davies business for ABC News Radio abcnews.com Twitter: daviesnow

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